Images: resize?

Is there any way to resize images in OO? I know that they will be auto-fit to column width when in a column — what do I do when I want images in-line in a row or in-line in a Note?


  • why does nothing happen when I click the little pop-up arrow to the right of an image and select “Mark-Up”?
  • How can I select in order to delete an image that has been auto-fit to the column? When I click the image, the row is selected. This is true in Notes as well.

Are there any suggestions for using images in OO? The implementation seems deliberately under-powered. I use images extensively — I need some way to control how they affect the look of my outlines. The only way I can find is putting them in columns and using the “auto-fit-to-column-width” feature — which even in it’s limited way is not useful for tall/thin images (where “auto-fit-to-column-height” might be). I’d much rather be able to put them in-line with text in the row or the Note and be able to set the display size or easily edit the image size.


There is not currently a way to resize images in the app.

We are fixing some issues with extensions, such as Markup, in the next release. However, it should activate Markup in the current release. So nothing happening is strange. Have you tried using it in say Mail?

There’s two options:

  • Right-click on the image and select the Show as Icon option. This should give you plenty of room to select it.
  • Select the row, push cmd-return to toggle editing, and then move the insertion point and delete with the keyboard.

Without being able to resize an image then there is no way OO can ever be used as a final editor - one will always have to, as I do, spend hours cutting and pasting into a word processor to complete the job.

7 years later and still can’t do this - and amazingly I found I complained 2 years ago and forgot. And I STILL can’t use it as a final document writing tool.