Immediate inbox cleanup on 3.11.2 (v149.7.0)

Running OF 3.11.2 (v149.7.0) on macOS Catalina 10.15.7 (19H15)
Today I’m noticing that my inbox items are being cleaned up immediately after giving a project and tag despite my preference setting to clean up only “when changing perspectives”.

this happens whether i’m adding a new task to an existing project which will have inherited tags and also when creating a new task for a new project.

I found that this was happening only for subtasks in the inbox. I had temporarily grouped my inbox items into an “organize” task and when editing the subtasks the cleanup is immediate. Is this expected behavior?

thank you

Yes, this is how OmniFocus is designed.

Once you give a task a new Project, that task will immediately become a child of the new Project.

This is not actually a “clean up” function but rather a logical outcome of you giving the task a different Project. This behavior is consistent throughout the application whether you are in the Inbox or elsewhere.

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