Immediate Perspective cleanup ruining my good idea (cleanup set to 'when changing perspectives')

So I have a great, simple idea to help me with projects that I’ve ‘brain dumped’ into but haven’t finished thinking about yet: A ‘Clarify’ Perspective that looks for untagged tasks:

BUT as soon as I enter one tag, whether in-line in the main window, or in the Inspector, the task disappears IMMEDIATELY, even though I may want to add another task before I’m done processing it. In prefs I have set ‘cleanup’ to be only after a Perspective change, so does anyone know why this is happening, or how I can prevent it?


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There’s a global application setting that covers cleanup (not considering perspectives’ effects). Look in Preferences > Organization > Clean up inbox items which have option. On the same page, there is a Clean up items resolved on this Mac option. What do you have these configs set to?

I could be wrong, but the first option effectively governs what an inbox item. For me, the setting is “A Project” and a task stays in the inbox until I assign a project. I can assign all the tags I want and the task stays put, but setting a project causes it to be “cleaned up”.

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