Import Baselines from other File Formats

Before I submit or report this as a “feature”, I wanted to see if anybody had a workaround for my situation.

We use JetBrains YouTrack software management system. It has a rest API and I’ve written node code to pull all the tasks/features/bugs/epics, etc. out and put them into a CSV format that OmniPlan can open…this is great!

However, as we work thru our projects, the YouTrack “issues” (as they call them) get updated with % complete…new tasks get added, etc.

I can re-export this data into a csv file, but when I try to open it again in OmniPlan I get a new project. Instead, I want to be able to baseline my project and import an updated CSV file so that I can compare the project from week to week.

Is there any way to baseline by using changes in a CVS file I open?