Import/Export multiple columns

A major stumbling block in my workflow is that I cannot import/export multiple columns.

I am typically exporting/importing to/from Word, Excel, and OPML (MultiMarkdown Composer). I have Fletcher’s markdown plug-in installed.

Is there a plug-in or work-around that would allow me to preserve columns?

The only formats that can be imported with columns are tab delimited text, be it plain text or RTF, and OPML. There is an old Excel xml exporter may be of use, but that will not help with the import to OmniOutliner direction.

This is absurd … it’s not like Word does not support multi-column documents … v4.3.2 Pro still does not have this function.
Are there any plans to implement this feature?

Hi all. Haven’t really had much reason to export, been quite happy using everything in-house, so to speak - but working with colleagues, needed to today.

Tried several attempts to get it into Word, with multiple columns preserved, without any luck. Eventually had to settle on html.dynamic, which I then exported/saved as a PDF.

Am I missing something? What export format would persevere multiple columns?

Depending on the content of your files, you could try Excel. You can download a plug-in here for that. This isn’t considered finished as there are some edge cases that need decisions and it hasn’t been throughly tested. But for many cases it should work just fine.

The only way to export multiple columns to Word would be by sticking the whole thing in a table which is not what everyone would expect though would probably work for others.

Thanks for the link. That got things close enough!

Just looking at this today. You can do a CSV export with OO Pro which is good enough for Excel/ Numbers in one table. To go back the other way, I do CSV in Numbers/ Excel and then Find-Replace commas with Tabs in a text editor. Next, I save that as a .txt file. Then it comes in OK in OO.
What I would like to see is something like the Excel/ FileMaker import wizard (only one tick box though at the bottom of the open dialogue) is an option to treat the first row as columns. That would save a bit more hand editing.
Having a CSV importer would be even better.
If OO is going to change again, a la new model for pricing, etc., having invested in the iOS and MacOS versions, I would like to see easing the round trip of data in ways like this.
I bet there are a few other users who would like to see Markdown table support go in there too - it’s the sort of thing that can be relatively easy to put in the application and can then make countless moments much faster and easier for the user. Another reason to upgrade too I should think…