Import from Excel

I have an Excel document that I’d like to import to OO 5 on Mac. I understand this feature doesn’t exist. What are my next best options instead of typing by hand. The document is a really simple list of texts.


If it’s a column of text, I would think a simple copy and paste would work; if a row, it would require hard returns after each word or words?

If you add all the necessary columns to your OmniOutliner document before pasting, you should get all your data. However, we seem to keep running into the issue of pasting the image format from the pasteboard. The Paste with Original Style option should work though.

Actually, maybe not. Paste with Original Styles did work the first time I tried but isn’t working in subsequent tests. This is intended to work though.

Ok, I select all the text from excel column A so cell A1 has text “Program 1”, cell A2 has text “Program 2” so on and so forth. I paste (command-v) in OO5 and I get everything under one bullet point, not two separate bullet points for two texts.

I cannot see any paste special in OO under the Edit menu bar.

Please help how to get individual bullet points for each items.


Unless you’re using a different version of Excel than I have access to, it currently isn’t possible as it’s resulting in a PDF. This is intended to work just as you’re trying to do as long as you paste while a row is selected. But, due to this bug of an image being pasted, it isn’t. We will be fixing this.

The Paste With Original Style option appears to be a Pro-only feature, as it doesn’t appear (for me) when OO is set to the Essentials edition.

Oh, that’s actually a great point. Are you using Pro or Essentials? I had assumed Pro as it seemed likely you be using Excel with multiple columns but your example doesn’t indicate so. If you’re using Essentials it does look like it works and you just need to paste while a row is selected instead of while you’re editing a row. Cmd-return will toggle editing states.