Import from Reminders

Firstly, I have an admission to make - I had a look at Things (sorry!).
I have seen the light & come back to OF though.
I did like the fact that Things on the Mac could import tasks from Reminders & then delete them from the Reminders list automagically. You can create reminders from quite a lot of apps and it would be really great if they transferred to OF without me having to do anything further.
Is there any way to do this?


OF is integrated with the list of your choice in OSX reminders. You create a reminder in that list and it automatically goes into your OF inbox and deletes the reminder.

This works for new reminders after you’ve set it up. I don’t think it has a functionality to do this from an already existing reminder list.

I don’t quite remember how to set it up, but it was in the OF instructions and was quite easy

It does work nicely in iOS, but I use my Mac for most of my work.
That’s where I would like the magic to happen!


Can I ask…

If you use your Mac for most of your work why are you using Reminders, why not just use OF Quick Entry and add them straight to OF?

I can do that, but there are several Mac applications which can send directly to Reminders. Things can hoover them up automatically, but OF can’t. I would be great if there were a day to do that is all I am saying.


If you are feeding Reminders from other Mac apps then I understand you frustration.

I use OF on an iPhone and iPad so it picks up Reminders created on my Mac but even then you have to visit the apps to make this happen.

Does anyone have a solution for this?

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