Import from Wunderlist

Hi. Just bought OF Pro and am feeling like I jumped into the deep end and gulped down a bunch of salt water. Yeah, that was dramatic I know. Anyway, I have a Lot of tasks in Wunderlist as I was using it for my primary capture method. Both my wife and i had a shared folder. So if we needed to do something either together or deligate it, we could. I also have a pretty massive Someday/Maybe list. Is there any way to import all this into OF without taking probably hours to do it manually? Can I do some sort of email? CSV? I’m totally blind and love the accessibility of Omnifocus, hence why I sprung for the Pro edition. Wunderlist was, well, still is, kind of clunky on the Ios but was ok as a windows app. But I’ll admit I’m a bit panicked as I forgot just how many tasks (probably in the hundreds) I have there. Lots of mind sweeps. Things are also organized into folders with lists inside those folders. So, unfortunately, instead of relieving stress, right now Omnifocus and what looks to be a massive undertaking of importing/manually typing from wunderlist is creating a lot more stress and anxiety. Sorry this post has gone on a good bit, but I wanted to get it all out there, or I would forget something. So, anyone have ideas? Help? Please? Thanks, Dave

What formats does Wunderlist export to?

Do you have the desktop version of OF or just iOS?

Might be able to use Drafts on iOS.

It supports export to CSV although I’ve never tried it, and then a .json format that’s used for importing back into Wunderlist, I guess. So I guess the best would be to export each list individually to CSV? Which would take awhile. I have both the desktop and Ios versions of Wunderlist.

How would I use Drafts? I have it, know it’s powerful, but haven’t really begun to explore its power.