Import Siri location-based reminders

“Remind me when I arrive at Monica’s”
“What would you like me to remind you about (words to that effect)”
“Get the form signed.”
“Here it is, create it”
Then I have a reminder with a location of “Arriving: Monica’s Work”
In OF2 on my iPhone, I create a location-based context “Arriving: Monica’s Work” under another context “Monica”. (Location created from the contact for Monica, Arriving, small radius)
OF2 will not import the reminder. (Tried syncing, closing and reopening app.)
Other location-based reminders have been successfully imported such as, “Arriving: Scott’s Home”
How can I make this work?

Does your Monica contact have multiple locations associated with it? If you leave the created reminder in the Reminders app, does that app trigger a notification when you arrive at Monica’s work?

There is only one location associated with this contact, and it is named “work”.

I haven’t been to the location since creating the reminder.

Hm. I’m sorry for the trouble here – a large location radius or multiple locations are the most common reasons a location-associated reminder would fail to import, but it sounds like you’ve ruled those out.

If you’re willing to share a little more data about the reminder, would you mind getting in touch via email? If you can attach the reminder to the email (by dragging from the Calendar app on a Mac), we can examine the reminder data and try to figure out what’s holding up the import.

Thanks for your help.
In preparing the email to you, I looked at the location in OF and the information wasn’t there. I could have sworn I put it in before. Anyway, it imported the reminder and all seems to be well.

Thanks again. You all have great service and that is one of the reasons I didn’t mind spending a little more on OF for all my devices.



does anyone have an issue with siri draining the battery? I stopped using it.

I think I’m having the same problem. I just got a new iPhone and set up the reminders with locations through Siri. Same process as above. Add an address as a contact in contacts, cross reference that contact by assigning that address in a context. It was working just swell for a couple days for several contexts, but when I had to restart the iPhone, it stopped working for any reminder with assigned locations. The reminder-sync still works for reminders without location meta-data though. I sure hope it suddenly starts working again.

I guess I should have replied to you rather than the person who had their problem solved. See the post above. After a little bit more research, I find that a handful of contexts do work after all. But it’s very buggy. For instance, two reminders each with a different address assignment in Reminders will assigned to the same context. I then checked the contexts in omnifocus and found that they were assigned to different locations, so that shouldn’t happen. And some addresses that formerly worked for a context no longer do. But some work just fine.

Unless I can reliably use this feature, I’ll have to abandon it. I’ll still use the reminders with Siri and sync it to Omni focus, but I won’t add location data.

I’m sorry for the trouble here! The behavior you describe is certainly unexpected, and while we rely on Apple for a lot of the location-based functionality in OmniFocus, we definitely want this feature to be as reliable as we can make it.

The reason I asked other posters in this thread to get in touch via email is that there are a lot of factors that affect how OmniFocus decides how to import reminders, and they can be difficult to debug in a forum. For example, OmniFocus checks a distance radius on locations assigned to contexts, so it helps to know the location of the reminder being imported and the location(s) assigned to your contexts.

Would you be willing to describe the problems you’re having a little more in an email to our support team? They can ask for some specific details about your reminders and database, then try to figure out exactly what’s going wrong.