Importing a .csv file into OmniPlan 3

I am trying to import a test set of tasks into OmniPlan 3.6.2.

In my file there are four separate tasks. The two tasks I am importing are not related to the previous four.

When I go to file | open I get the following error message:

“The expected peer “.4” for task “5” was not found in input. Lower number peers must appear in input prior to their higher numbered siblings”

So…my question is: does OmniPlan allow for importing new tasks or is the import function only good for creating a new file?



@srhcpa At this point in time OmniPlan is only capable creating new projects from imported CSV files. We do however have a feature request open for the ability to update an existing OmniPlan document by importing content from a CSV file. I’d be happy to add your interest to the feature request if you’d find this functionality useful in your workflow!

Hi Ains,

Yes, please add my vote to this feature request. I think it would greatly speed up input.


@srhcpa Will do!