Importing dot files - pos attribute ignored?


The main reason I purchased OmniGraffle is to import auto-generated DOT files and manipulate it visually. I have a dot file that looks like this:

digraph ndep {
  subgraph cluster_1 {
    "orgh-app" [label="orgh-app", pos="160,0!"];
    "clamd-app" [label="clamd-app", pos="160,30!"];
    "" [label="kiosk", pos="160,10!"];
    "label-translation-app" [label="label-translation-app", pos="160,20!"];
    label = "Application Services";
    pos = "160,40!";
  subgraph cluster_2 {
    "rushmore-app" [label="rushmore-app", pos="110,0!"];
    "jfeapi" [label="jfeapi", pos="110,10!"];
    "rcs-app" [label="rcs-app", pos="110,20!"];
    "jfeapi"->"rushmore-app" [penwidth="1.5",color="#000000",tooltip="LONG:0\n SHORT:1546"];
    label = "JFE";
    pos = "110,30!";

It can import this, but the layout engine seems to ignore the pos= attributes. Is there any way to position my nodes (in dot format) manually?

My problem is that once the lines are connected, moving the “nodes” around will not “re-route” the lines… and it’s just not useful for me because there are so many lines to re-route by hand. Is there any way to re-route the lines after I reposition the nodes?? (that would obviate my need to position the nodes manually – I was trying to position the nodes myself, in the hope that the lines will be drawn after the repositioning of the lines)

Any help would be appreciated!


I can’t answer your question. Sorry!

But can you confirm this function is only available on Mac OS? (I have both and would love to be able to handle .dot files in iOS.)

I only have Mac OS version so I am not sure. v5.7. You just need to “open…” the dot file and it works for me.