Importing from Microsoft Project 2016

Hi! Any tips or guidelines to import from Microsoft Project 2016? Especially if I want to interoperate and share in both directions. I tried importing a few projects and it just crashes OmniPlan.

@gabopagan Sorry for the trouble! While some Microsoft Project files can fail to import into OmniPlan (typically caused by issues with the file format), importing a file should never crash OmniPlan. Our Support team would be happy to look into why this is happening on your device - would you mind sending them an email? They can be reached at

That said, there are some discrepancies between the way OmniPlan and Microsoft Project schedule tasks. Information about that these differences is available in this section of our OmniPlan for Mac manual (OmniPlan for Mac and OmniPlan for iOS behave identically in this regard):