Importing OF 1 Items into OF 2

I’m trying out OF 2, and want to retain the data currently in the OF 1 database.

SO, how do I import the data into OF 2?

Thanks in advance.

Are you syncing with the Omni Sync Server or your own WebDAV solution? If so, you can set up OmniFocus 1 and OmniFocus 2 to run side-by-side and sync to the same place – they’ll happily run together on the same computer, maintaining and syncing separate copies of the same database.

If you’re not currently syncing your OmniFocus 1 database, OmniFocus 2 should still pick up and import your data. If it doesn’t, you can get in touch with our support team, who can walk you through copying your database to the appropriate location for OmniFocus 2 to use.


YES please, could you do this for me? Just mail or PM me if you don’t wanna share the location in public. Please also see (How do I import db from OF1 to OF2). Thank’s :-)

It’s not that it’s a secret location. If OmniFocus 2 isn’t picking up your OmniFocus 1 data, then the data probably isn’t in the path I’d tell you to look in. So you’ll be better off emailing to get whatever’s not working sorted out.

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