Importing Tasks from Spreadsheet

Is there a way to:
Import projects or tasks
Update projects or tasks
Complete projects or tasks

Based off a spreadsheet?

Having issues with a top down implementation of an IT system that has left me in the dark.

I looked on google and it is giving me results from 10+ years ago and the forum search seeming to go off on tangents.

Can you export as CSV and turn into Taskpaper? You can then import that.

Thanks for your response.

I can’t figure out how to get the formatting correct. Currently the spreadsheets layout has one project per row, with various notes, dates etc for that job across columns. When I imported it it looked like I had a bunch of empty titled jobs.

I was copying into text edit. Saving that. Opening in outliner and then copy and pasting from that into Omni focus.

Do you have sanitised formatting code? Likewise sanitised sample Taskpaper output? I’ve a feeling you’re almost there.

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