Importing Tasks


I am reading the manual for Omniplan iOS and see that you can import other .oplx files or upgrade to pro to import a MS Project file but is there any other way to import a task list?

My workflow for creating a Project is to first create a task list and organise into indented groups, tasks and milestones - because I make mistakes and because I organise better this way. After I have the task list then I create the rest of the task attributes - resources, durations, dependencies etc.

Note I have only procured the iOS version for working with the iPad Pro. Probably end up getting the Mac version in time.


Until you find a better solution, make a blank OP document, and create your task list and indented groups there, then move them into your main project.


@Rim12Tech OmniPlan for iOS doesn’t offer a great way to do this at this point in time, but I’d be happy to let the team know you’d find it helpful in your workflow! Would you find it more useful to be create this type of outline quickly in OmniPlan, or to be able to import an outline created in a different application?


@ains I think my preference would be to import from another program. It comes down to what file format that Omni plan would recognise such as csv/comma delimited.

I appreciate you passing this information onto the dev team. Oh I would also assist with testing as I am also learning iOS in my spare time.




@Rim12Tech Thanks, that’s helpful to know!


Ok ended up getting the Mac standard version as well which enables you to work in a task view and import a csv file outline of your project. This is the exact functionality that I would certainly welcome on the iOS version. Although I have a work around now for a truely mobile iOS experience the task view and import csv file format would be great additions.


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I’d REALLY like to see import of tasks from some generic file format: OPML or TaskPaper or similar, much in the way that OmniFocus’s recent automation update allows.

Such a generic format import/export could then serve as a bridge to allow importing or exporting tasks to or from OmniOutliner and OmniFocus, which would be FANTASTIC, and would make OmniPlan super useful for my practice.


…2019 and we are still waiting for this feature in the pro version.

Thank you!