Improvements to Today view widget

Two improvements/fixes to the today view widget:

  • Currently the widget is displaying tasks that are deferred. I have some tasks that are due today but are deferred till the afternoon and they are showing up in today view in the morning. Please fix this.

  • Use location detection to show context-specific tasks when we are near the place where they need to be done. It would be great if the widget could list items specific to the current location at the top. This would make it easier to tick them off.


In addition, overdue tasks are not shown in Today.

Same here. There should be a way to choose what I want to see in today widget.

I suggest you submit a feature request via email (Contact Omni in the app itself shows all you need). This is the only official way to have your opinion counted and, it would help to increase priority as I have already asked for a geo-aware Today widget :D