In 3.10 How to use siri in apple watch?

Ok so the release notes for version 3.10 in iOS state:

Apple Watch - New tasks can be created via Siri on Apple Watches running watchOS 7.

Great! How? I have iPhone 11, iOS 14.0.1, watchOS 7. What incantation must i speak to be able to hands free add a task to my inbox via the watch. I don’t want to touch anything, long-press anything, continue on iphone, manually open omnifocus, etc.

I want to be in the middle of my run, say <magic incantation here> and have my brilliance captured to the inbox. Is this possible?

I’ve tried getting siri to add tasks on the watch in watchOS 6 and 7, I can’t get it to listen past add …
It always responds that it’s not possible

You can configure OmniFocus in its settings to grab tasks from the iOS App Reminders.
You then just have to say „Hey Siri, remind me to get Milk“ or so.
Otherwise you have to say: „Hey Siri, remind me to get Milk in OmniFocus “

I know I can do the reminders route, OF should be able to do it natively though. And it doesn’t…

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I thought it could always do this. I say, “add do this thing in OmniFocus” and it create a new item in the inbox. What is different in watchOS 7?

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See this support article.

Let me be more clear. When I am away from my phone (i.e., I am out running) and I ask OmniFocus to do anything… it doesn’t. I have the cellular watch with a plan. As far as I can tell, there is nothing actually new here. So I do not understand what the mention of using siri Apple Watch app in the release notes is about.

Do you have Omnifocus installed on the watch?