In context view - how do I easiest move a task to another context? (ideally without using the inspector)

If I’m in context view in OF1 the context showed so it was quite easy to move a task via autocompleting the context. Is there a way to set that up in OF2 without having to go via the inspector?

I may be misunderstanding you, but so far as I can see it works the same way or similar to OF1: I just went to Context view, clicked on a task and its context, then started typing a different one. Autocomplete popped up as I typed.

Is that what you mean?


You don’t even need to switch to context view. Just like v1, you can click on the tasks and tab over to the context field, or you can click on the context directly below the name.

I have the same issue as the OP. In the Contexts view, each task’s context is not displayed or editable individually unless no context is assigned. The only way I can see to change it is to use the inspector or drag the task to another context in the sidebar.

I am not seeing this at all. I think you have a bug, I would email the support humans.

EDIT: My apologies! I do see the issue in context view or any perspective based on context views. I must have been in a project view when I tested the first time. Disregard the above.


In OF1 I can add contexts as a column and auto complete it in whatever perspective I’m in. In context view at least for me I only see the project under the task name: not the context. In project view I can see the context under the task name.

I have also now noticed that I have a new custom perspective: due now, which shows the active contexts on the left and due soon and available tasks in the main list. I group and sort it both by due date (i use hours in a day sometimes for things I need to do early in the morning vs later in the evening). Also here I can only see the project showing under each task - no context and hence no ability to auto complete it to another context.


Sorry for the late reply. So the use case is: I’m already in context view and I see a task I want to move to another context. Currently I can 1) Drag it to the context in the tree view on the left (cumbersome if you have a lot of contexts and a complex hierarchy as I have); 2) open the inspector and change the context via autocomplete or 3) quick open the project and see the task there and change the context directly in the task as the context shows.

It would be good if the context shows under the task in context view just as in project view so that it can be changed through autocompletion. Or if this is unecessary info to show then a shortcut key (Command-C?) that open some sort of autocomplete popup or something that allows quick context changing for the tasks currently selected.

Or am I missing something how else this can be done?