Inbound Webhook Support

Hey guys - looking at using platforms like Power Automate and a few others to create tasks for me and I am curious to see if webhook support is coming. I have seen the REST API docs and they are great, but many apps only support throwing a webhook event. Some examples of what I would love to do:

  1. Use the Jira aufomator plugin to create tickets in my personal to do list when things happen. I only want 1-way sync here and I want to use Automator is it lets me easily have integrated logic.
  2. Use Power Automate to create events from Teams and Outlook.
  3. Create events from my home automation platform when things need my attention.

Also would be great if I didnt have to embed my creds inside a script for automation… Hopefully token support is coming… or just the use of a webhook high entropy link

… just finished reading the automation docs… I assumed the links I saw for a REST API allowed to interact w/ Omnifocus… But they dont :(

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I could imagine Web supporting this - as there must be much of the needed infrastructure already in place.

(And, yes, this I’d love.)