Inbox cleaning up unexpectedly

I have just started using OF3. I notice that when I assign a project to an inbox item and tab out of the field, the item gets cleaned up right away, so I don’t have a chance to assign a tag. This despite the fact that in preferences I have the option set to clean up when changing perspectives not immediately. Also, it doesn’t matter whether I set the option to clean up only when both a project and tag are assigned. Is this expected behavior or a bug?

Edit: This happens only for items that are nested under another item in the inbox. Sometimes when I have a lot of stuff in the inbox, I’ll organize like items together before by grouping them and only process them individual at a later time. These are the items that get cleaned up as soon as a project is assigned. Cleaning up standalone items acts as expected.

I thought this might be related to the Inbox’s view options being set to Available, but I can reproduce this when using the columns layout and view options set to All. It may be a bug, but even if not, it’s not your expected behaviour. I’d write in with a report.

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