Inbox entries from watch

Hi. I am using Omnifocus on my watch and input items to put in a shopping list regularly. Is it possible to input these straight into a shopping list vie my watch or must they always go to inbox. Bit of a pain converting each item to put in shopping list each time, might as well write it down on paper.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to do this right now, but it does remind me of a feature request I’ve been putting off making…

It would be ideal if OmniFocus for iOS could be configured to import from different reminders lists into specific projects (and contexts). In that case, you’d be able to say something like, “Add milk to Grocery List”, causing Siri to put the item into a specific Reminders list, which OmniFocus could then import into a specific project and context pre-associated with that list.

Note that this is not a feature right now, merely a feature request. I’m going to email it over to OmniFocus support at and if you like you can reword it and do more or less the same thing, or some variation of it if you think there’s a better way to do it. As a rule, the more people who request a feature, the higher it moves up on Omni’s list of priorities.

Many thanks for. Your reply. I have sent a request to Omnifocus as you suggested.