Inbox item with Project does not move to Project

Hi All,

Apologies if this has been discussed before.

When you create a quick entry item and you add an existing project, it remains in the inbox. The only way it seems to move to the actually project, if you do it manually?

Is there a way it will automatically move to the relevant project?
Am I doing something wrong?


There’s a setting to manage your preference for this behaviour.

I’m not sure where is is on the Mac version, but on iOS it’s in settings>organisation>clean up. You can select whether you need a project, a tag, both, or either to clean up items from the inbox.

Two possibilities. First, as @Jonty noted, make sure you have your “clean up inbox items which have:” set to A Project. Second, if you already have that configured that way, then what you may be having trouble with is the timing of the clean up. The preference there is called “Clean up items completed.” You can choose “Immediately,” or “When changing perspectives.” I like to keep mine set to “when changing perspectives.”

If you have yours set up the same way, you can force the clean up when you want. There is a tool you can put on the tool bar that looks like a brush. When you press it, the perspective you are looking at (whether inbox or something else) will clean up.

These preferences are the same on iOS, even though my screenshots are from the Mac.


Thank you @Jonty and @ipersuade. It worked. Really appreciate the assistance.

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