Inbox Processing from multiple main drop addresses

This is how I do it, I setup a code repo for the plugin as well:

This uses the newly released Omni Automation APIs.

If this generates interest, might help cleanup the readme/code a bit more.

** Also, I’m new to this community - not sure if folks have done this before. A quick perusal shows AppleScript dependent solutions, while this one is based on the automation APIs

OmniFocus Multi Mail Drop Processing

Process inbox tasks based on OF’s multiple mail drop addressess.

Needs OmniFocus 3.8+, Tested on OSX

How I use it?

  • I’ve created multiple mail drop addressess via
  • I’ve saved the email addressess as contacts in google work GSuite. For e.g. as “WaitingFor” or “ToDo”
  • Each email is specific for a single purpose. i.e personal email has it’s own dedicated set of mail drop addressess.
  • I bcc the contacts when I send/reply to emails
  • The emails arrive in my OmniFocus Inbox
  • I run this plugin
  • The plugin adds projects, tags, ‘due’ to the inbox items based on the drop in email address it was sent to.
  • I have additional custom perspectives to make life easier.


Hackily written script, works for me.
Fork this code and do your own thing.
If there is enough interest - I might put in effort to generalize it [and make this readme better]


Setup multiple mail drop boxees:

Download the “Inbox Processing.omnijs” code.
Open with text editor and modify emailTagMap and emailProjectMap.
Ensure the tags/projects exist! [behavior without is not tested].

Now open the file with omnifocus and install it.


Optionally, add this to your customized omnifocus toolbar.


Since I use GSuites for my company, I’ve saved my multiple mail drop boxes as different contacts.


Once the emails reach my OF inbox, this is how it looks (expanded).

Select all tasks -> Click on menubar “Inbox Processor” for the plugin to run. This is the after:

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