Inbox wrong count number

Hi all,

I’ve been using OmniFocus2 on iPhone 6+ for about 10 days. I’m facing a problem, that the counter on inbox (not the app badge, but the Inbox button on the app’s home screen) shows wrong number.
When I cleared my inbox (so there was no items), the counter showed 1. Now I have 11 items, and the counter shows 12 (so it’s +1, than actual).
I tried to delete the app, and restore from iCloud (had to log in again to omniSync), and tried to delete the local database from the app itself, but nothing helped.
Any ideas, what should I try? (btw, I’m using OmniFocus omly on iPhone, as I don’t have any other Apple devices).


When the Inbox view options are set to All, do you see an additional action?
If so, is there anything interesting about this action? (In a context that’s on hold, has a future defer date, etc.)

The Inbox should always be counting Available actions, and I’m wondering if it’s getting confused.

And now my personal OmniFocus database is counting 2 and showing zero actions. Grumpy!

ETA: Confirmed mine are both actions in on-hold contexts, and added more info to that bug in our database.
Could that be what’s going on with your inbox items as well?

Yes, that was the problem.

I had an item, with “Waiting” context, so it didn’t show up in inbox. When I switched the view from “Available” to “Remaining”, the problem solved.


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