Indent and Outdent with tab key

Is it possible to use the tab key to indent and outdent items? This works in OmniOutliner and I find it jarring to not be able to do this in Omnifocus.

I guess the reason is that the tab key in Omnifocus is used for moving between fields in a task. I was about to say that you could use the keyboard shortcut settings in the system settings to add that command, but then I realized that there had to be a modifier command included, so option-tab was the closest I could get. I think you will need an external application like Keyboard Mastreo to fix it the way you asked for.

Yes, I had a go with the system keyboard shortcuts, and found the same thing that you did. The added modifier is just as cumbersome, really, if not more so.

That’s the default of course, but it would be nice if they gave us the option. As I see it there’s no way that the user can do it for themselves given just Omnifocus and system settings, so it would be nice if this was exposed as an option. Especially as it would be making the behaviour consistent with the other outliner-looking thing in their own product suite!

Do the staff read the forum?

They sometimes do, but the recommendation is always to send feature requests by e-mail directly to The Omni Group.

I sometimes press tab by mistake myself, forgetting that it doesn’t work for indenting. The reason is probably that such a shortcut would conflict with other functionality, not only moving between fields in a task, but also moving to fields in the inspector sidebar.

The shortcut that works for indenting in Omnifocus is consistent with Omnioutliner, but that’s hardly what you prefer to use in Omnioutliner.

An interesting thing is that Omnioutliner internally lets you change keyboard shortcuts. That would be a solution if you could do that in Omnifocus. Tab is not shown among the existing shortcuts in Omnioutliner, though, so it seems to be on another level.

There is, by the way, an odd single-key shortcut, consistent with Omnioutliner, for indenting that I forgot to mention: R (as in Right). Not as natural as tab, and with the major drawback that it can’t be used while editing text, as it then will produce a letter, but it might be interesting to know. There are also som other, related single-key shortcuts: Keyboard shortcut to Edit Action.

I actually wrote an email to Omni a few weeks back generally requesting a more consistent shortcut setup across apps. It’s something I personally find quite annoying.
Let’s hope they deem it to be worth their time.

Is there a specific email address for feature requests?

I could have mentioned that. Use, or choose ”Contact Omni” directly from the Help menu in Omnifocus to create an e-mail to the same address.

You click on ‘Help’ > ‘Contact Omni’ in the menu bar of the Omni app you’re using.

Thanks, will get on that.

In any default perspective (Projects, Contexts, Inbox etc) you can use ⌘] and ⌘[ to indent and outdent, along with ⇧⌘] to create a new child task for the current task.

Yup, aware of those, but specifically find them jarring and unintuitive.

I use u, d, l, r which also work in OmniOutliner.

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