Keyboard shortcut to Edit Action

Is there a keyboard shortcut for editing an action when you have the focus on it? I’ve checked the Keyboard Commands in Help and didn’t see anything. I see Edit Note but I want to edit the action itself via the keyboard. I should never have to touch the mouse when using OF. Thanks!

Just found it. It’s command + return.

Try “Tab” .

Both Command-Return and Tab work, as suggested above, but the shortcut I usually use is the bare ‘e’ key (‘e’ for Edit).

The pertinent section in the Keyboard Shortcuts document is “Outlining Shortcuts” in the bottom right, which has commands listed for both Modern and Classic modes.

I love “e” to edit actions and I have discovered that “u” and “d” move the selected task up and down. But I haven’t found a list of these 1-key shortcuts anywhere in the OmniFocus help. Is there such a list somewhere, or do I have to just try every letter and guess what they do?

Well, there was a list for Omnifocus 1, and I asked The Omni Group support in July 2014 to add the one-key shortcuts to the Keyboard Commands page available in the Help menu. In January this year I wrote again to support, as I by mistake had found the dangerous space command, which wasn’t even documented in the Omnifocus 1 list. These are the one-key shortcuts that I am aware of:

D - Move down
U - Move up
R - Move right
L - Move left
E - Edit
Space - Change status to completed (very dangerous and should in my opinion require a command key - a whole set of projects once disappeared while I by mistake tried to write something including a space when I had those projects selected, and I didn’t realize what had happened until later, when I missed those projects)

I even wish there were two more commands of this kind available: T - move to top, B - move to bottom.

The commands really should be documented, though, as they don’t require any modifying key, and thereby are very easy to use by mistake if you’re not aware of them.

Most of these single key shortcuts could also be used in Omnioutliner.

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I would like to ask, is there an automation script for top action now? The version of the script I downloaded from another thread is too old to use directly.😭

This is the only place online i could find documentation of this feature, which kind of blows my mind a bit. Nowhere are the one key shortcuts documented. (If I’m wrong, someone please educate me! I’d love to be wrong)

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It might be a good idea if someone more than me made The Omni Group aware of this embarrassingly old shortcoming. These keyboard shortcuts could very easily be added to the ”Menu Commands and Keyboard Shortcuts” part of Omnifocus Help (in the Help menu).

Let’s ask for it when they beta V4 on the Mac.

And maybe ask to make it configurable so we can have something like WASD or HJKL (Vim).