How to move a task on top on today's Forecast view

I would like to know how to put on top a task in a certain day. I’m currently doing this using Due date method, but I arrived to the limit since I have many tasks with 00:00 Due date.
Seems there’s already a post on this topic but I can’t get this mentioned menu active (see attached image).


Hello Bernardo!

To sort your tasks manually, in your Perspective settings, please try adjusting the ‘Presentation:’ - ‘Group and Sort’ dropdown to be “Entire Projects”.


What would be nice would be to select a task and hit Cmd+Up Arrow, or some other key combination, and have the task move.

(I’m wondering how to automate that with e.g. Keyboard Maestro.)

I understand the workflow you desire.

You can have this functionality in OmniFocus Perspectives that support ‘project hierarchy’. You can move tasks up and down.

You can also apply custom keyboard shortcuts by using the MacOS ‘System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts’ area to remap to your favorite keys.

Keyboard Maestro is awesome, and it can do almost anything, but it can not solve this specific workflow.

Perhaps, I am missing the point but if you assign those tasks your Forecast Tag, it’s possible to reorder them. Is this what you were looking for ?

I can reorder tasks by dragging them. It would be nice to use a key combo instead - for the few cases where it’s meaningful. Move to the top/ move to the bottom/up one/down one are such cases.

To move tasks upwards and downwards, you could use the built-in keyboard commands in the Organize menu (as shown above in this thread). You could also, more unexpected and still undocumented as far as I know, use the keys u and d. There are also some other single-key shortcuts in Omnifocus:

Single-key shortcuts

To move task to the top or bottom, you may use a very old script that still works (at least in Mac OS 10.14):

Toolbar scripts: Move to Top/Bottom

I have used Keyboard Maestro to connect keyboard shortcuts to the toolbar scripts.

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Hi guys, I need to move on top tasks in Forecast view, not Perspective view.

I saw that removing the assigned project of the task, moves the task on top of the day (see untitled items in attached image).

¿Or maybe, should I start working with Perspectives?

I think Perspectives would serve you good, as it looks like you have way more tasks scheduled for today than you will have a chance to execute. Then you could save the Forecast for tasks that are truly due – that have to be done today to avoid consequences.

As the Forecast view currently only can be sorted by date (and time), the only way to reorder tasks there is, as you have tried, to change the due date or due time. The exception is the optional part of the Forecast view with a Forecast tag. There the tasks may be reordered manually, by dragging or by using the keyboard commands.


This Keyboard Maestro macro was made for you.

Select the task you want to move and run your new Macro. If will evaluate if your view supports moving tasks. If your view does not support moving tasks, it will prompt you and help you change your view, and then it will move your task. If your task happens to be in the Inbox, the Macro will switch you to Inbox view and end. Someone could theoretically add another Applescript to handle the tasks determined to be in the Inbox.

Move to (2.2 KB)

How can I run this script?

The macro I provided requires installation and familiarity with Keyboard Maestro (

I experience something weird when manually reordering task in the Forecast View with a Forecast Tag. When I drag a task to the last position in the list, it flips to the first position. This happens also in Omnifocus on iOS. It’s something that happens for long time now, I suspect this is a bug? Also, when using keyboard-commands to arrange the tasks, the same strange thing occurs.

Please try using the ‘Clean Up’ command before attempting to reorder your tasks. The keyboard shortcut is ‘⌘K’.

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