Index of OmniOutliner Folder and Search

At present OmniOutliner works very well as an outline generator, but less well as a note taking solution. With a new version on the horizon, I would like to make a suggestion for a new feature. It would be very helpful, if all of the outlines in a selected folder were listed in a panel on the far left (that could be hidden as needed) with the ability to also search the content of these outlines. It would be even better if there was some hierarchical organization in this panel, for example a folder structure to further organize all of one’s OmniOutliner flies. With the loss of Circus Ponies NoteBook, and lack of recent development of Aquaminds NoteTaker, there is a large hole in the market for a program that can both make outlines and also organize these outlines as a personal journal or notebook. Thank you for your continuing work in improving OmniOutliner.



I second this

I find Scrivener fits this bill pretty nicely. Now that it has an iPad version and synchs over dropbox (where I keep my work anyway) it has definitely become my one and only notes keeper.

You can try it for free (from literature & latte’s website), it is complex but most of its functionality is fairly intuitive.

Still, it has its quirks and may not be what you are looking for.

Thanks for your suggestion Happycatmachine. Agree that both Scrivener and its new iOS version are great. Keith has done an amazing job. And no doubt Scrivener outlines its “notes” in a very effective fashion. But at the end of the day, one has an outline of essentially rtf, or rtfd files, and I am looking for app that creates an outline of outliner files. While one can fake a Harvard type outline in rich text, few real outliner features are available - node folding, rearranging etc.

thanks for your suggestion,


Yeah, I’m shoe-horning OmniOutliner to work as a knowledge-base. If the OmniOutliner had a searchable list of outlines in a set of directories it’d be more functional in that regard. As it is SpotLight or Alfred can help me search various outlines. That’s clunky though.