Individual Column Style

I have searched but I can’t find how to style an individual column (Font, Size, Color, etc) so that that cel is different than the whole row.

Please help

Columns can be styled by selecting the column through clicking on the column header or selecting the column in the Styles section of the sidebar. However, column styles will be overridden by row styles, so that is likely why you are not seeing a change if you are doing this.

I have been trying to do the same thing as jrzap has attempted. I understand DerekM’s reply, but it makes me wonder what the point then is of having the possibility of creating column styles if they are then overridden by row styles?

The column and row style intersect, it is only in the case that the same style attribute is defined in both places that the column style is overridden. One or the other has to win and this is the scheme it uses. There’s currently no way to modify that order. Style precedence basically goes from the most generic to most specific.

How about the style policy being, “whatever has been manually changed most recently reflects the changes” - CSS style rules are great for establishing template defaults, but it is incredibly frustrating when you cannot modify and edit in a targeted way.

Please make this change to the app. I’d really appreciate it, thanks.

Yes, agreed, this is really really frustrating – that I set a column style – need super small text for long URL’s, for instance, so that my column widths aren’t giant – but that style is overridden by row text. User should be able to simply move their column rule up higher in the hierarchy for the preferred rule to win. Am I missing something? Is there a better way to do this?