Inherited Tags OF

Actions will inherit tags from a project or from another action (assuming the action is a parent).

Is there a way to turn this feature off?

Many have asked, but unfortunately no.
At least I’ve never found the option, and believe I looked.
I don’t tag projects because of this.

I cannot find either. But there are many things I learn all the time about OF. Thanks for confirmation.

As noted, if a project has a tag (or tags), they’re automatically applied to actions added to this project. I find that this can be very handy in some cases.

For example, I have a single action list called “Household” that has a “home” tag. If I’m processing my inbox and see an actions such as “Unplug shower drain”, I can simply assign it to the Household project and have the “home” tag applied automatically.

If, however, I have an action of “buy filter for furnace” sitting in my inbox which is an errand (i.e. not something that I would do when physically at home), I would assign it to a the Household project and add an “errand” tag. The “home” tag isn’t applied in this case; it seems that OmniFocus only applies the project’s tag if no other tags are specified.