Inheriting flagged status and other properties

Is there any way to create a flagged perspective which only shows items which have been explicitly flagged?

I would like to keep a list of focus projects, but don’t want all items in each flagged project to show in my flagged perspective - only those projects and any other items I have explicitly flagged (from those or any other project).

The other way I tried to achieve this was to give those focus projects a specific context, but then all new items I create in that project default to that context which is a pain to deal with.

There are two ways I can think of to do this but they might not work for you and neither does exactly what you are trying to do.

The first would be if your projects were sequential and your perspective only showed available tasks, then only the first task of each flagged project would show. OR if your projects were parallel, then you could only show First Available task.

The second way (credit to Kourosh Dini of would be to create a separate project where each task represents one of the projects you are working on. So, for example, suppose the three projects you wanted to work on were.

1.) Build car.

2.) Become a better shepherd.

3.) Eat 1,000 shrimp.

Each project would have a series of tasks (e.g. “Buy wheels” or “Get staff” or “Find shrimp wholesaler”), but in this “metaproject” each of these projects would be represented by a single task. So your perspective would show the tasks in the metaproject rather than the projects themselves. Does that make sense?

Thanks for the suggestions.

Showing only first available task doesn’t really work for me - sometimes I flag things in the project and do want those to show.

Your second suggestion is a reasonable workaround, with a slight modification - rather than creating a meta-project, I can just have a task in each ‘flagged’ project called, say, “Project: Build car” and flag that task.

What I really want, is for OF to give me more control on property inheritance either to turn it off altogether (subtasks inheriting deferred dates drives me nuts), or by perspectives having the option to include or not include inherited properties. Time to send in a feature request!