Insert linked images with relative paths

When linking an image into a document, is there a way to link it with a relative file path, instead of how it does it currently?

Basically I have a folder with an Omnigraffle document and a subfolder of linked images. When I zip it up and email it to a colleague, they have to manually insert and re-link all the images even though the folder and file structure hasn’t changed.

We want to keep the images and the document separate, so embedding the image isn’t a viable solution for us.

Is there a workaround? Am I missing a setting somewhere?


One workaround is embed the images and then save the OG document as a file package. The format is set in the Format Inspector in the Document Inspectors tab. A file package is actually a folder, though it has a document icon. You can access its contents by right-clicking on the document icon and choosing Show Package Contents. The images remain as separate, editable files within the package. Zipping and emailing pose no problem.

A major drawback is that the image files in the file package are copies of the originals and they’re named Image1, Image2, and so forth. If that doesn’t fit your workflow then this workaround won’t be useful for you.