Installing Markdown export in OO4

I’m not having any luck following several different instructions found on the web for getting Markdown.ooxsl installed in OO4.0.6. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks.


I’ve got this question, too. I’ve followed the advice on, put Fletcher Penny’s,, Markdown.oosl where the thread suggests, Home Folder → Library → Containers → com.omnigroup.OmniOutliner4 → Data → Library → Application Support → The Omni Group → OmniOutliner → Plug-Ins (having to create the Plug-Ins folder) and still not found the plugin in the Export Menu. I want to be able to export to Markdown for Ulysses/Daedalus, as that’s what I use to prepare html for Wordpress. I’ll be grateful, too, for any advice on making this plugin work!

Well, maybe I’ve found a better solution on these forums (and should have dug deeper before raising the question here): Multimarkdown export

You should simply be able to double-click on the Markdown.ooxsl file and click the install button. I believe it has an extra extension on it when you download it so you need to fix that first. Also be aware, you need to have Pro features unlocked to use export plug-ins. If it isn’t working, please elaborate on what happens/doesn’t happen when you try. Thanks!

Has anyone gotten this to work in OO5 Pro?

Unfortunately not.