Installing OF2 and OF1 Side By Side

I got an invite to test OF2 and I’m excited to participate. I just want to make sure I can run OF2 and OF1 side by side though before I install it.

Does the OF2 beta installer replace my OF1 install? Or can I still open OF1 if I need it?

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You will be fine. OF2 is sandboxed, so it can run right alongside OF1. If you use services for sending to Inbox, they don’t seem to co-exist so well for that. I just disabled my service for OF1, enabled it for OF2 and assigned my kb shortcut to the OF2 service.

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I’ve kept OF1 and OF2 side by side and syncing - I renamed OmniFocus (non MAS version) to OmniFocus 1 and then installed OF2 in my Applications folder.

At the moment I’m using OF1 as a safety net and as a way to backup my work in case OF2 does something nasty, but I haven’t had any issues at all.

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Thanks. I ended up just putting OF2 in an “Omnifocus 2” folder in Applications and they both still work.

For now I’ll test by importing a backup of my OF1 data. Still nervous about letting OF2 at my omnisync.

OF2 looks pretty nice! Still not used to the idea of a circle as a checkbox though…

The only ‘gotcha’ I have come across is using quick entry when both OF1 and OF2 are open. You get two boxes and focus can jump from one to the other during typing. When it happened I remembered to close OF1.

Most of the time I am in OF2 only.

I’m taking the opportunity to do a thorough ‘reboot’ of my system and entering tasks, projects etc into OF2 as I go. While I still get one or two crashes a day, I’m finding OF2 stable enough to ‘use in anger’

edit: I also set up a separate database and a separate omnisync account for OF2 to make sure that risk was minimised during the reboot.