Instead of Entering Information can we get Drag and Drop

Is there a way to allow us to totally resize the windows while you work on making OmniFocus more graphically interactive vs the IBM mainframe style of entering data in Fields.

I would like to be able to have a Window of Projects, Contexts, and Forecast and then drag and drop the tasks to assign them to a project, context and date. See Photo below. Right now for some reason the decision was made not to allow users to fully resize a window.

Depending on how the window management was code this could be either a very simple request or require major changes. If it is simple then the users would get a big bang for the buck.

As @kcase mentions in this post, it’s something that we’re working on!

We’ve put some work into making it possible to drag from the Inbox to a list of projects without using multiple windows, but I’m not sure when that work will be done. (We’ve decided to focus on getting some of the other improvements out the door first.)

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You guys know best, but if it was just one variable that limited how small you could shrink the Windows, I think your users would appreciate it. I hate filling out forms. It’s so slow.

As far as a GUI you should check out the 2do App. I switched because of bugs when syncing and no support line but their app seemed to have the tool to take action just where you wanted it. No harm checking it out. Even Bill Gates looked at what the MAC was doing and Jobs looked at what PARC was doing.