Integration with contacts in OF4 yet?

Hey guys. Any plans on integrating contacts into OF4? I’ve been using an app that Omnifocus could definitely learn a thing or two from called “2do” for years now. It’s amazing it’s never talked about. It’s way better than other competitors like Todoist, Things, etc. It’s only disadvantage is it sucks for big complicated projects. Praise aside, I would ditch 2do completely if Omnifocus integrated the “action” features it has. When I grant 2do access to my contacts, I can assign a contact’s number/email/whatever to the task, and then I can tap the action icon that this assignment creates for that task and the assigned action will trigger (the phone will start ringing them in the case of a phone call). Other actions include texting, urls, and a “visit” action (as in you can assign their address to the task).

Any plans to bring equivalent functionality to Omnifocus 4 or to at least integrate access to contacts for easily adding them into a task in some way? Check out 2do and see what I mean.

If you’re reading this and there is already a quick and easy way to do this, do tell

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That’s a good idea. It could pull a link from contacts when typing ‘@’, just like social media and some other productivity/CRM/ticket apps.

I like that. That would be the easiest to code I believe. I did my own experimenting with OF4 on mobile and desktop last night and I noticed that if you long press or right click within the notes field of a task, you can click an option called “Auto Fill” and then access contacts and click the number or email or address of a contact and it pastes it into the notes. The number and email become clickable links, but the address does not. This helps, but is still a workaround, not a direct function of OF4.

If you’re reading this Omnifocus team, adding this sort of clickable action function for texts, emails, calls, maps, etc. is a game-changing feature and I strongly urge you to consider implementing one of your own to remain competitive and keep your customer base. It’s such a solid app, but it’s falling behind in some respects and I think a lot of us agree on this, yet we want to stay loyal because we love it so much otherwise.