Integration with OmniFocus

Are there any plans to improve the integration with Omnifocus ?

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I’m curious. Was there something in particular that you wanted in linking OmniFocus and OmniOutliner?

The only thing I remember is that you can go to OmniFocus and import OmniOutliner documents.

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  • For example the ability to Export the CSV file from OmniFocus project and import it to OmniOutliner so I can edit, add notes etc and share with my team.

  • I often outline a project scope, layout and take ongoing notes in Omnioutliner. I would like a way to cross link to a corresponding project in Omnifocus where i track the actions. Today I can cut and paste from Omnifocus to Outliner which gives me the list of actions but the format is flat and it doesn’t give me due dates or status which is important.
    I realize these change and the data field is held in Omnifocus but it is still info I need to pull into my notes when sharing them. I find the print and export options from OmniFocus are limited when trying to share action items.


This may not be exactly what you want, but have you tried copying as Taskpaper in Omnifocus? That will import into OO with hierarchy intact. Lots of Taskpaper tags get exported as well, but I think some of that is configurable in OF.

Taskpaper gives me hierarchy with tags but it really then just becomes structured text not what i would call an action list.

For example when you export Omnifocus to csv you get “task id, type, name, status, project , context, Start, Due, Completion etc.” Why could these not be columns in OmniOutliner, I could then edit and use in project notes as needed.
OmniOutliner then has better export and printing options making it easier to share tasklists from OF with others.

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Yes I want the formatting capabilities of OO and the task management of OF. Please combine the two apps and i’ll happily pay double the price for it!

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donbeat raises an interesting possibility. Is there a way to import a .csv file into OmniOutliner and have the .csv columns show up as OO columns?

HI, I am new to omnifocus and omnioutliner. I run omnifocus 2 pro and trial omnioutliner pro 5 on Mac Sierra. I was hoping to be able to create outlines for projects and tasks in outliner and then import a whole outliner document into omnifocus. If I go in omnifocus->file->import->outliner document, I can choose the folder where the outlines are stored. The documents are grayed out and I cannot import.
Other ways such as share, or export result in only lines or an image of the document appearing in the inbox of omnifocus. Is there anyway that these two programs can make to talk together or do I just need to continue copying and pasting each separate row? No use then to fork out $60 for a license if this is the case…

OmniFocus does not yet support the new file format of OmniOutliner 5. You have two options, either export from OmniOutliner 5 to the “OmniOutliner 3” file format, or copy and paste between the two apps. You don’t have to copy and paste single rows, you can select as many as you want in OmniOutliner and then paste into the OmniFocus destination you want them to be in. You just need to make sure you’re pasting when you have an action selected instead of while editing the text of one. Hope that helps!

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I’ve got a column that has URLs in it, but when I copy+paste from OO to OF, those links don’t show up in the “Note” field in OF, even though I chose to map that column to “METADATA” when I copied+pasted.

Any ideas on how to fix this?

Which versions of OmniOutliner and OmniFocus are you using?

I was able to figure out that it wasn’t working because, for some reason, when sending from OO to OF, the notes field would strip URLs unless they were in the actual “Notes” field inside OO. I scripted and moved all “Notes” column data for each row, to their corresponding “Notes” area in OO, and it worked like a charm. :)

When I copypaste a OO Row to OF, thou i formatted in OO as Dates, OF does not rec. it, even thou I choose date when importet into OO.

Any info you can share on when there will be seamless interoperability between OF + OO? All these contortions make using them together far less efficient than one would expect for two such similar apps from the same developer… sorry to be griping but it’s difficult to understand why this doesn’t work


I also am looking for how to import OF project into OO. I know I can do it with the task paper format, but then I’m stuck with lots of extra tagging data that I don’t want. All I want is to be able to replicate the structure so that I can export from OF without any @tags, edit the bare content in OO and then send it back to OF.