Interact with OmniFocus?

It seems OmniPlan should drive OmniFocus in some fashion. I’m not launching a space shuttle, I’m a grad student and have things I’d like to plan out using a tool such as OmniPlan - but since I use OmniFocus to track projects and tasks, there seems to be a disconnect.
Maybe if OmniFocus had a Gantt view?
I’m contemplating buying OmniPlan, but at the moment, it seems like overkill and a duplication of effort.
Would appreciate insight from more experienced users.

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OmniFocus and OmniPlan are not currently set up to talk to or sync with one another (that said, we would like to implement this in the future!)

If you would like to use OmniPlan alongside OmniFocus, data would need to be moved between the apps manually. To move data from OmniFocus to OmniPlan, you’d need to export data from OmniFocus as a CSV file and import that file into OmniPlan. Going the other way, you can export data from OmniPlan as an OmniOutliner file and import that into OmniFocus.

Alternatively, Forecast mode in OmniFocus offers the ability to display tasks created in OmniPlan. If you were set up a publishing action in OmniPlan which publishes your tasks to the Calendar application on your Mac, Forecast mode will display these actions in OmniFocus. You won’t be able to mark your OmniPlan actions as complete, but you could at least see the OmniPlan tasks you have scheduled for the day.

I hope this information is helpful!

Thanks for the reply.
I suppose if I project planning was my job and I was using OP, this would be a workable solution.
It looks like I need to continue my search for project planning software - something between “family vacation” and “launch space shuttle.”

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Maybe this is my answer:

OmniPlan/OmniFocus has apparently been on the “to do list” for at least three years. Any progress? This is what I’m waiting for to convince me to purchase OmniPlan.


Since my original post I’ve tried and abandoned several apps, Aeon Timeline, Tenderbox, Pagico+.
I settled on Curio – a very interesting app that lets you incorporate tasks, mind maps, PDF annotation, stacks (similar to trello), index cards, lists, etc.
One really cool feature is sync with reminders and calendar. When I mark an item as completed in Reminders, it updates the checkbox on the mind map, list, etc. within the Idea Space.

Like others here I am interested in using Omniplan and OmniFocus together, but how do you import a CSV file into Omniplan? There is no “Import” option. I’ve tried the other way and that works fine, so just trying to figure this way.

I have figured it out. Thanks to Help.

Hope this is still on the roadmap. Seems like integration with Omniplan would further distinguish OF from other task managers like Things 3 (which is currently the new hotness). Things is pretty, but OF could be far more “pro” if it integrated seamlessly with heavyweight planning software like Omniplan. I don’t see Things ever being able to match that.


Integration would probably be the thing that persuaded me to buy Omniplan.


This seems like a natural pairing! We need integration @SupportHumans :)

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I have an old version of OmniPlan. If OF and OP were integrated, I’d upgrade OP immediately.

I’m currently testing some AppleScript I made for myself that do integrate OmniFocus and OmniPlan. It even kind of look nice in the toolbar. I’ll be glad to share it, but before I’d like to have some people willing to test it. Is there someone interested? Just drop me an email:

Note: you must have the 3.x pro version of both applications, since only the pro versions can interact using AppleScript.

Hi there.
Here are the scripts I was talking about :

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#Newbee: Any update on syncing tasks between OmniPlan and OmniFocus, particularly for us non-pro users?