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I like the new platform overall and feel Omnifocus continues to set the bar in project/task management tools for the Mac ecosystem. Aside from a major shift in how the Forecast perspective works in OF3 v OF2, I find the overall interface busy and asymmetrical. The introduction of very vibrant colors, a new font type and size are really working against other great advances IMHO. The bright colors are constantly competing for my visual attention- which I find distracting - and spacially everything just seems really cramped regardless of settings.


Perhaps turning off “Color text in the outline” will help reduce the rainbow of colors in OF3 for you?


I’ll admit. I rarely use the Forecast perspective but that’s just me.

Turning off both Dark mode and ”Always use dark sidebar” in the dialog box shown by @wilsonng above made a big difference to the better for me. At first, I didn’t like that all the buttons in the left button bar are colored, not only the chosen one, but as I got used to it I found that it helped me with the orientation, especially as you now may set your own colors for custom perspectives.


I agree in what @naheksr wrote: The overall interface busy and asymmetrical.

I have tried playing with the settings to no avail. I am sure I will get use to it over time and will come to like the interface more. I do hope and wish for a new type face font to create better spacial boundaries.

Shame on the Omni Group for not consulting with me before releasing this new interface ; )! Geez

I am hoping too that the Forecast perspective returns to the days of old.

Thanks all for the suggestions.

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