Interpretation of Due Soon

I have searched for any threads that already cover this question but I couldn’t find any. I want to know what the definition of ‘Due Soon’ means in practice. My definition is set to the default 2 days. I have actions today (Saturday, 12/23/17) that are due on Monday (12:00 AM 12/25/17) but none of them show the color highlight (yellow) unless I change the definition. Tomorrow (Sunday) is 1 day away and Monday is 2 days away, so shouldn’t these actions count as Due Soon?


The first (top) option in Preferences > Dates & Times will allow you to set ‘Due Soon’ to be what you want it to be.


Thanks for your answer but I already know how to change the setting for Due Soon. I am confused by the way it works and was asking for an explanation. I have it set at 2 days but it only highlights actions that are due the next day, one day later. This behavior just confuses me, that is all. I can get the behavior that I want by changing the setting to 3 days.


Have you tried experimenting to see whether the setting includes ((all?) hours (left for?)) today?


My cases are due within both 48 hours and within 2 calendar days. For example, I have an action right now that is due at 12 AM on December 26 (Tuesday). It is currently 12:30 PM on December 24 (Sunday). So this action is due In 35.5 hours (less than 48 hours) and it is also within 2 calendar days (Sunday to Tuesday) but it is not highlighted as Due Soon. (Such actions are only highlighted as Due Soon when there is less than 24 hours or 1 calendar day before they are due. I changed the setting for Due Soon to 3 days and then these actions show as Due Soon when they are due in 2 days. I can get what I want but I want to understand why OF needs one more day for this setting to work as expected.


I confess never to having experimented as you are doing.

But from the fact that some OF actions become due at midnight (00:00), I wonder whether what is happening in your case is that (any) hours remaining in the current day are being discounted.

IOW the setting indicates not the number of hours from ‘now’; but how may full days after ‘today’ have to have begun for the action to become due.

Hi, I must confess I didn’t realize about this, but you are right!
After some checkings, it happens the same for me.
Today is Friday 29th December 11am (Spain).
If i input a task due to Sunday (it does not matter at what time, less or more than 48h), with “due soon configured by 2 days”, it is not highligted in yellow.
Only if I change due soon by 3 days, then it works…¿?¿?¿?


I suspect that’s because it also includes ‘today’, Friday:

Friday + Saturday + Sunday = three days.

But if you set Due Soon to 2 (two days) it calculates as today (Friday) + Saturday. And so doesn’t appear as due.

Make sense?

Thank you Mark. It makes sense for me. Only to change my mind and to think into “days” instead “hours”.