Introducing OmniPlan 3.0 for iOS!

New features in OmniPlan 3.0 for iOS:

  • Network View — An elegant and easy way to rapidly prototype and visualize your project’s flow as a network diagram of nodes connected by dependencies.
  • Meeting Task Type — A new resource allocation option that allows you to specify if multiple resources need to work on a task independently or simultaneously.
  • Catch-Up — If everything is going as planned, bring the completion percentage of every task (or just the selected tasks) in your project up to today’s date.
  • Reschedule — If you have tasks which were planned to be complete by now, but aren’t, reschedule them.
  • Leveling Priority — Define leveling priority for tasks in your project.
  • Display Off-Hours — Display all off-hours, holidays, and weekends.
  • Unlinked Duration and Effort — Set different values for a task’s effort and duration, then let OmniPlan crunch the numbers for your resource assignment percentage.
  • Microsoft Project 2016 Support (PRO) — Import support for Microsoft Project 2016 files.
  • Monte Carlo Simulation (PRO) — Run multiple simulations in seconds to forecast milestone completion dates with varying levels of confidence.
  • Auto-Effort Estimation (PRO) — Think some tasks might take longer or finish earlier than expected? Let OmniPlan assign your best and worst case estimates to account for
    every scenario.

More information about OmniPlan 3.0 for iOS is available in a post on our company blog:

Previously purchase a version of OmniPlan for iOS? Information about the discounted upgrade from the Standard edition of OmniPlan 3 for iOS to Pro is available here: