iOS 11 - notications are not getting triggered

I don’t understand what the go is with notifications in OmniFocus.

I thought they might work better in iOS 11, but it’s still weird.

I say to Siri “Hey Siri, remind me in 5 minutes to take the rubbish out, in OmniFocus”

Siri says that she did it, and it does look like it went straight into OmniFocus and not Reminders.

But, there’s no updated badge on the OmniFocus icon to reflect the upcoming reminder (which I would expect given the reminder is 5 mins away)

I wait 5 minutes, and no OmniFocus notification is triggered. it doesn’t remind me. Yes I have all the notification settings turned on.

So I open the OmniFocus app, and I see it update to show my reminder in its list. Only now does the badge update.

So it’s still not syncing correctly.

I thought the point of the iOS 11 Siri integration was that it could now put the data straight into OmniFocus, but it seems that it does not. You still have to trick it into “syncing” before it will actually work.

If I do the exact same test with the Reminders app, it fires the notification correctly. Maybe it works better for durations longer than 5 minutes… but if I can’t trust it to fire the reminder, what’s the point…

Is this anyone else’s experience?

What’s the benefit over just using the Reminders app, omitting the “in OmniFocus” part of the direction?

If it can be accepted by OF, it will, and you’ll still get the Reminders notification if relevant before it gets snatched by OF.

I guess I use the inbox too much to find the Siri OF tweaks in iOS 11 inviting or trustworthy just yet.

I guess it’s not that much different, and is easier to say as well.

It always irked me that it wouldn’t just go straight into OF, and I was excited to think that it might finally work.

Oh well, at least there is a work around. I can’t say the same thing about controlling Spotify with Siri - it’s ridiculous!

Using Siri to communicate directly with OmniFocus is much more flexible than going through Reminders. For example, you can now assign actions to projects and contexts, and even create new projects using Siri.

I posted a free video that showcases some common use cases:

I hope this helps!

The reminders integration would work for me if it worked the way it does in Things 3, where all tasks in Reminders are shown in the inbox but must be manually imported into Things 3 (there is a button to import all tasks). This lets you use both apps easily and make it trivial to move a task from Reminders to Things. It also lets you setup the reminders integration on multiple devices.

I would love to see this manual option in Omnifocus alongside the current method where all reminders are automatically imported.