iOS dock icon long-press results question

Sometimes when I long press on the OF icon in my iOS dock I get a short menu showing basic iOS actions like delete, rearrange, etc.

Sometimes when I long press on the OF icon in my iOS dock I get a full compliment of OF actions.

It’s always drove me batty that it’s often different. Of course, it usually gives me the short list when I want to quickly add a reminder on the fly!

Why is this and is there anything I can do to ensure the full OF long press menu always displays?


Anyone have any insight on this? Thanks!

If you long press on the app menu for OmniFocus 3 you should be seeing something like this:

Are you also testing OmniFocus 4? If so, it doesn’t look like the app menu has been implemented yet. This is what’s showing up for me in the current TestFlight build:

Thanks for your feedback.

I am indeed testing OmniFocus 4.

However, sometimes I get what you posted and sometimes I get the correct menu. I just tried it (latest TestFlight build here too) and got the “real” menu.

So, it seems it’s implemented, but it only works sometimes.

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Thanks for the additional info, @wagnerone

I just tried the OmniFocus 4 TestFlight again…and am now seeing the full menu. I imagine it’s a bug that will be addressed before the official launch.

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