iOS Productivity Pack Pricing for Pro Users

Continuing the discussion from Omni Productivity Pack coming to iPhone in Q1, 2015:

I admit I don’t remember the price difference between Standard and Pro editions. How will this impact users who own Pro apps?

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I’ve bought Pro for both the iPad version and the iPhone version. No idea how this will work.

@kcase: What does this mean for users who only have the iPhone version? I have an iPhone for the first time, and bought OmniFocus only 2 days before this blog post.

As a long-time OF for Mac Pro user I would like pro features on the iPhone if they’re available, but I will be a really unhappy customer if I have to buy a $39.99 app + a pro upgrade when I just paid $19.99 for the iPhone app 11 days ago.

Additional question: I currently have OF2 Pro for the Mac and OF2 for iPhone. I will get an iPad for work and plan to rund OF on that, too. Do I waste any money if i buy OF2 for iPad now (including the pro upgrade) or should I wait until the universal version arrives?

Many thanks.

The Pro Upgrade to OmniFocus for iPad currently costs $19.99, and the universal app will have the same price for its Pro Upgrade. Any Pro upgrades which have already been purchased for the iPad app will carry over to the free universal update.

There must be some confusion, since we’ve never shipped a Pro Upgrade for the iPhone! But your iPad upgrade will carry over, and if you’ve already purchased v2 for both iPhone and iPad we’ll be offering a $10 rebate once the universal app ships (so that you won’t have paid more than someone who later buys the then-universal app).

Your $19.99 investment will be preserved. As noted in my original post, anyone who already owns the iPhone app will be able to upgrade for the difference in the prices by taking advantage of a $20 Complete My Bundle option we’ll be making available.

If you purchase the iPad-only app now it will cost $29.99. If you wait until the universal app ships, you’ll be able to Complete My Bundle for $19.99. So the price to buy it now is $10 higher than it will be to purchase later. (But! We’ll be offering a $10 rebate to customers who purchased the iPhone and iPad apps independently, as noted in the final paragraph of my original post.)

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Thanks a lot for your response. I am not sure, though, if I am fully understanding the rebate. When I qualify for this rebate I already bought every version of OmniFocus, correct?

Thanks for the reply @kcase, but I think I didn’t phrase my question properly, so I didn’t get then answer that I was really looking for.

My question actually is:

If I don’t want to buy the whole bundle, (your other apps haven’t found a place in my workflow, sorry), and only have OF2 on the iPhone, and OF2 Pro on the Mac, will I be able to get access to the Pro features on OF2 for iPhone, or will I need to re-buy the Universal version of OF2 in order to get the Pro upgrade?

The total cost of OmniFocus Pro for iOS for new buyers will be $59.98: $39.99 for the universal app, plus $19.99 for the Pro Upgrade in-app purchase.

Since you’ve already invested $19.99 in the iPhone app, you’ll get credit for that purchase and will only need to pay the $39.99 difference to upgrade your iPhone app to the $59.98 universal Pro app.

(The way you’ll get credit for your iPhone app purchase is by purchasing a new “OmniFocus Universal Upgrade” bundle which will cost the same $39.99 as the universal app—so you can use Complete My Bundle to get credit for the iPhone app and end up paying $20 for the universal app instead of the full list price of $39.99.)

That makes sense, thanks @kcase.

It seems like bundles are the way to hack Upgrade Pricing in the app store ;)

Does it mean that a now only iPad pro-version user will get the new universal app at the price of $50 ($30+$20), $10 cheaper than a now only iPhone user who have to buy a $20 bundle to upgrade to universal version and another $20 to pro($20+$20+$20) ?
Thank you very much.

That’s correct. When we make the app universal and raise its price, any customers who have already purchased the iPad app will get that upgrade for free even though they will have paid less than the new app will cost.