IOS sidebar revamp

As the number of perspectives I use increases, I find the left sidebar on the IOS version to be more and more cumbersome.

Whilst sitting in the car tonight I realised what I would like. Collapsible folders so when I’m work planning I would only see my Planning perspectives, when I’m at home I could open the home folder which would only show me those perspectives and when I’m doing. I would only see relevant perspectives.

Is anyone else feeling the same pain, anyone have any better ideas on how to Manage many perspectives on IOS?


I also feel the need to group my perspectives. I have created dummy perspectives which only serve the purpose of displaying a title above a ‘group’ of perspectives under it. This works well for my needs since one level of grouping is enough for me. I have arranged these groups in the same way in the Mac and iOS apps and it’s easy to get to any perspective (with a bit of scrolling in iOS, but which is just as fast as tapping to expand/collapse groups would be).

Personally, I’d love the perspectives sidebar on iPad to be used for a different purpose, by implementing the same project and tag sidebars as in the Mac app. I spend 80% of my time in custom perspectives and on the Mac I frequently narrow my view by selecting one or more tags in the sidebar, or look at the folder/project outline in an ‘Entire Projects’ perspective. This is the biggest gap between Mac and iPad apps in my daily use.


On the Web version the left hand panel has vertical tabs:


I can see something like this being useful on the iPad version.

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Yes @Geoffairey I have deliberately reduced ‘favourite perspectives’ side bar folders due to this. I fear the good folks at Omni only ever intended the sidebar to be used for a small number of ‘favourites’
So I have many in the lower section where it is more likely to forget stuff.

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I actually sent a feature request on something in this area a couple weeks ago and feel like the response from Omni was somewhat dismissive.

I recommended a feature much like Fantastical’s Calendar sets, which until this week were only available on macOS. The release of Fantastical 3 this week shows that this can be accomplished on iOS/iPadOS. A feature like this where a Perspective “Set” can be created and which can then be activated manually or by geolocation would be amazing. At work, only see work perspectives. Doing the weekly review, then select that set to limit what’s in focus.

I see this as a really elegant solution for those of us that need the capability and would stay very transparent for those who do not need it.

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