iOS Tags View ...?

I’m on my iPhone, and I click my “Errands” tag. It gives me a screen that shows my sub-tags of Errands, and another link that says “Show Errands Contents”.

Once I click on “Show Errands Contents”, it shows me what I actually wanted to begin with - the list of all the tags with their associated actions.

Is there a way to default to that view? Having to click through to the other view isn’t intuitive to me, and if I’m not in the right frame of mind it looks to me like there’s literally nothing under that tag.


I just looked, and for me this happens with 3 of my 40-something tags. And there does not seem to be a reason for it, so like you I’m curious why this happens.

This works the same way as for projects on the Iphone. When you have more than one level of tags/projects, OF lets you choose to show the tasks for either one or for all of the tags/projects. You could avoid this step by having a perspective showing the tasks with a certain tag and its sub-tags. That’s what I do, but that’s probably not what you like to do, especially not if you have a lot of tags.

I just find it irritating that I have to tap a second time to get to what would logically be the info I was hoping for with the first tap.

Maybe in a future version they’ll incorporate a preference or something that lets us change the default behavior. :)

A preference would be logical, as there apparantly are different opinions about this. I often like to choose a specific sub-tag or sub-project to see the tasks for, and then prefer the existing solution.

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