iOS Templating and pythonista

Long time browser here, finally registered. While not on the TestFlight programme I was just wondering if your building this into an editorial workflow (which basically uses Python for its scripting), could it not also be done as a standalone pythonista implementation?

Pythonista allows for custom built UI’s so this would take the reliance out of using editorial, which still has no split screen or iPad Pro support, although I believe this may be in an extended beta. This could then be integrated so it appeared to be almost part of OF for iOS as far as the casual user would be aware.

Just a thought

I have Pythonista but don’t have Editorial, so it would be useful if the Editorial templates were modified/adapted for Pythonista.

It certainly could! Here’s how you might write that as a standalone Pythonista app extension:

# coding: utf-8

import appex
import clipboard
import dialogs
import re
import urllib
import webbrowser

def fill_placeholders(action_in):
	# Find placeholders
	known_placeholders = set()
	placeholders = []
	fields = []
	for placeholder_match in re.finditer(u"«(.+?)»", action_in):
		placeholder =
		if placeholder not in known_placeholders:
			fields.append({'type': 'text', 'title': placeholder, 'key': placeholder})

	action_out = action_in

	# Substitute the placeholders
	if len(placeholders) == 0:
		if dialogs.alert(u"No template placeholders were found.", u"""
If your project text has placeholders (that look like «this»), this script will prompt for values you'd like to substitute for them.
""", u"Continue") != 1:

		print fields
		values = dialogs.form_dialog(title='', fields=fields, sections=None)
		print values
		if values:
			for key in values:
				action_out = re.sub(u"«" + key + u"»", values[key], action_out)

	return action_out

def main():
	if not appex.is_running_extension():
		print 'Running in Pythonista app, using test data...\n'
		text = u"""
- «project_name» @parallel(false) @due(«due»)
	- This task needs to be done at least 1 week before «project_name» is due @due(«due» -1w)
	- This task needs to be done at least 2 days before «project_name» is due @due(«due» -2d)
		text = appex.get_text()
	if text:
		print 'Input text: %s' % text
		out = fill_placeholders(text)
		if out == None:
		print '\nPlaceholders filled:\n%s' % out
		encoded_text = urllib.quote(out)
		omnifocus_url = "omnifocus:///paste?target=projects&content=%s" % encoded_text
		print '\nOmniFocus URL = %s\n' % omnifocus_url
		print 'No input text found.'

if __name__ == '__main__':

Great, thanks a lot!

Likewise, thank you much appreciated, be interested to see this could baked into a branded UI somehow.

Hi, I can’t get this to run in Pythonista, but confess I’m new to this.