iOS Today Forecast: settings missing?

Maybe I’m completely missing something obvious, but I can’t seem to find the Settings > Notifications > Today section of the OmniFocus settings for my iPhone. I’ve been into every menu I can find on the device and I’m coming up dry. I have the widget added to the Notification Center, and I have purchased the Pro upgrade.

I looked through the iBook and the screenshots indicate that it is nested under the Settings as “Today”, but I don’t see it anywhere. In another section of the book, it seems to indicate that the menu might be nested under “Notifications” (though without screenshots). I don’t see it there either.

I’ve attached two screenshots taken on my iPhone where I expected the Today settings menu to be. What am I missing?


I see it here. What OF version are you in?
This is available on the Universal app (as of 2.1) for now, and coming soon to iPhone version (if I’m not mistaken)

Ah, I see. I didn’t know about the universal app…though I had previously purchased the iPad version. My current version is 2.4.4, which is the latest version in the App Store (as part of trying to find this feature, I uninstalled and reinstalled the app at least once).

The Omni blog says that as of 2.5 they’re going to be keeping the apps in sync with each other, but I wonder if they’re going to be merging the two applications in the future.

Anyway, thanks for confirming that I’m not going crazy, @ediventurin :]

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If you have the iPad app, you can get the Universal one for free.
More details here, @vox.

@ediventurin, Thanks for that link. I found and downloaded the universal app without problem, but I’m kind of feeling unsettled about buying another pro upgrade for my iPhone. Omni has a rebate program for part of the cost, and I think I’m going to ask them about the possibility of transferring the pro upgrade over.


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Hi. I just upgraded to the universal app and was also nervous about paying for another pro upgrade. However when I chose the upgrade option it found my earlier upgrade and restored it without further cost. Hopefully this will work for you too.

Yes, Omni has already stated that if you bought the Pro upgrade for the iPad app, you get it in the iPhone version.

However, really, this is just how iOS apps work in general – once you’ve bought a non-consumable in-app purchase, it’s available across all of your devices automatically. The new “universal” update is really just the iPad version, updated to work on the iPhone as well, so the same in-app purchases are also still available.

You can save yourself the trepidation of trying to “buy” the Pro upgrade again just by using the “Restore Purchases” option.

Plus, if you had OmniFocus v1 at any point – either for iPhone or iPad – it looks like you can get the “Pro” upgrade for free. See for details.

@n4s , @jdh, I appreciate the clarity about the pro upgrade on the universal app, but it doesn’t apply to me. I bought the pro upgrade for the iPhone app, not the iPad app. Since the universal version is a continuation of the iPad app instead, my pro upgrade doesn’t restore (it isn’t the same app bundle, nothing to restore).

As far as I know, there was never a “Pro” upgrade for the iPhone app, so I’m not entirely sure what you bought…

@jdh Yikes! I think that clears up why I can’t find the receipt. I had been looking at this post where it said that iPhone didn’t have custom perspectives. Mine does, so I’d assumed I’d done the pro upgrade…but I missed the asterisk at the bottom of the post, which indicates that it used to be a feature, but is grandfathered in.

That makes a lot more sense… I was questioning why Omni would offer one direction of the pro upgrade and not provide a path for another.

Okay, that makes more sense. The iPhone never really had direct support for custom perspectives – that is, you couldn’t create them on the iPhone – but it always supported viewing custom perspectives that had been created in your OmniFocus database from the Mac or iPad (Pro) versions.

Again, though, if you ever had OmniFocus version 1 – even for iPhone – it appears that you can get the “Pro” upgrade for free just by installing the version 1 app on the same device alongside the new Universal OmniFocus 2. This was always the case with the iPad version – OF for iPad 1 users got the free “Pro” upgrade in OF for iPad 2 – so it’s nice to see that they’ve extended it to users of the first generation of OmniFocus for the iPhone as well.

@jdh, yeah, I wasn’t much using them on the iPhone (or the desktop version for that matter), but I knew I’d seen my tests in there. I originally bought the desktop pro upgrade for scripting access.

Good reminder about v1, but I didn’t start using OmniFocus until right about the time v2 came out. Better late than never!

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