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Hi, I often notice that tasks in the iOS widget on my iPad are ‘to-do’ when I know I’ve completed them on my iPhone. Opening OF on my iPad forces a sync and brings the widget up to date. I do notice this the other way around or if I’ve completed task on my iMac.

Is this lag in synchronisation considered normal. If I cannot Improve things then I may have to remove the widget as it leads me to doubt which tasks I have actually done.

Thank you for your help.

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My iPad OF Widget is showing that I need to buy a lottery ticket today. I know that I purchased this ticket and completed the task on my iMac earlier today. I have just opened OF on my iPad and widget has not updated, however, if I click around a bit in OF the widget eventually updates.

This really is not usable, am I the only one with this problem or am I the only one using the iOS Widget?

I use the iOS and Mac widgets too. What you describe is pretty much what I experience as well. Here are a few anecdotal things:

  • Opening the app is the only sure fire way to make it sync. I know background app refresh is supposed to do this, but it never seems to update much for me at all on my iPad or iPhone.
  • The widget and badge increment will not update in the background. I absolutely have to open the app every single time if I want those to change. (Although badge decrement seems to work from background refresh if I give it enough time)

I have been dealing with these issues for years and years. I just work around them by making sure I open the app and pull down to initiate sync every time I want to do anything. I have found I have a bad time if I rely on widgets, badges, or notifications before I do this first.

@newfirewithin It is reassuring to know that I am not the only one having difficulties.

The OF team sent me some helpful tips and it has helped me realise that I am closing the app too often. I am going to leave the app open to see if this really makes a difference, it sounds logical so I am hoping it goes someway to resolving my issue.

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Thanks for the link. I’m familiar with that page, and I’ve tried many of those suggestions. Good luck to you!

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