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I have a lot of automated actions that come into my inbox - These subsequently get converted to Projects.

Is there a way on iPad that i can select a batch of items in my inbox and convert each one to a project in one swoop rather than going through each one, one at time?

At moment i find myself having to jump back to MacBook to select and convert to project in bulk.

Am i missing something on the iPad?

Thanks in advance

I created this cross-platform Plug-In (Convert Tasks to Projects (Here).omnijs) a while ago. It’s inside OmniFocus 3 & 4 folder:

Am I being daft, or would it not be easier to have these as recurring projects.

Could you give more details ?

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The original poster didn’t ask for recurring projects. And I doubt that would be what most users of this automation would want. (I, for one, don’t.)

But it might be a nice option.

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